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Our Trusted Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration to create sustainable and impactful designs. That's why we've partnered with a selection of exceptional affiliates that share our vision for a more sustainable and connected world. Each of our affiliates brings a unique set of skills and resources to the table, and we're excited to introduce them to you.


** Disclaimer **

Please note that these are affiliate links. By using these links for your purchases or sign-ups, you're not only embarking on your sustainable journey but also supporting us in ours.


Sustainable House

Learn a wide range of natural building skills.  3-month online natural building program.  


Learn on your own projects with our expert guidance. This program has been created with our students in mind. Our main desire is to make this as relevant, practical and supportive of your own natural building journey as possible.


Realty Sage

If you're looking to purchase property with a sustainable home, check out RealtySage!  I call it the 'Zillow' for Sustainable Homes. Who knows, you may find something on there just for you!

Realty Sage is a residential real estate platform that helps buyers learn more about properties and sellers and agents market their listings. It's a resource for eco-friendly real estate,


Community Finders

CommunityFinders is a program that helps people find and start intentional communities. CommunityFinders offers a network of support and guidance on the path to finding intentional communities. These communities include ecovillages, cohousing, housing cooperatives, permaculture, spiritual communities, and stronger neighborhoods

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