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Resilient Living Made Simple

Looking to design your own project? Look no further! This curated collection of checklists, guides, and assessments is crafted to streamline your transition to a sustainable home, ensuring you have the knowledge and organization to succeed.


Sustainable Materials
2024 Price Sheet

This guide offers a detailed overview of sustainable materials with descriptions, current prices, and links, plus tips for choosing the best options locally and globally.


DIY Interior Designer Checklist

This tool helps organize your project, guide you through interior renovations and ensure you stay on track with selections and timelines.


Passive Heating & Cooling Checklist

Grab this checklist to incorporate passive heating and cooling strategies into your design, optimizing comfort while minimizing environmental impact.


NatureAlly Directory

Access a free directory to discover professionals in your region who can support your ecological property development and sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Standard Quiz

In less than 2 minutes, this quiz helps you discover the sustainable building style that matches your environmental ethics and personal taste.


Home Satisfaction Assessment

This assessment helps you identify what matters most in your home environment, paving the way for a more tailored design process.

Climate Specific Wall Systems

Ideal for homeowners, architects, and sustainability advocates, this informative video which focuses on climate-specific wall systems offers guidance on integrating sustainability into building projects based on regional climates.

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The Book List

My handpicked selection of non-fiction books offers insights into everything; from embracing sustainable innovations in architecture and interior design to fostering personal and professional growth.

Resilient Building Principles

Learn about passive heating/cooling, effective use of solar gain, thermal mass, and more for efficient, sustainable living. Perfect for DIY builders, off-grid, and homesteading enthusiasts.


3-Month Map to Manifestation Worksheet

Like a personal tool, this worksheet helps you to stay focused and achieve your living goals, ensuring your project aligns with your vision.


Our Trusted Affiliates

These partners we align with are carefully chosen for their shared values and dedication to sustainability, providing essential resources and services that enhance your journey toward eco-conscious living.

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