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Hear directly from those who have entrusted us with their vision and witness the transformative power of our services at C. Ransbury Design.  Their satisfaction and success are our greatest achievements.

Homeowner, MA

"Christina has a great eye and is full of ideas!  She wonderful to work with.  Highly recommended!!"

Carpenter, HI

"Punctual clear communication and top notch service is what you can expect from Christina if you're looking for someone to work with on your next design - build.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better option.  I highly recommend her services."

Homeowner, TX

"I've loved collaborating with Christina on projects & details. She's great at resolving problems and coming up with effective design solutions. Thank you Christina!"

Architect, CO

"As a licensed architect I have collaborated with Christina on the production and design of a large residential and agricultural family homestead. Christina is resourceful, can take initiative and is easy to communicate with. Her eye towards sustainability is always welcome.  I recommend reaching out to Christina and I'm looking forward to our next project together."

Homeowner, CO

"Christina is fantastic to work with… She is extremally knowledgeable, listened to our needs and was able to help us achieve our dream home. Highly Recommend!"

Madison, WI

"Christina Ransbury was fantastic to work with on designing a farmhouse. She took the time upfront to understand what we wanted and then worked very diligently on creating a very complete set of house plans. She was very professional, timely, and efficient. I enjoyed getting her fresh ideas and appreciated how she was able to use our feedback as well. She clearly has an impressive amount of experience and expertise as an architect. Very well done Christina!”

Homeowner, AK

"Christina was amazing with the interior design of my family estate; a 4,000 sq foot house in between 2 lakes on 150 acres. She used our families homesteading history and the scenic beauty of the land to inspire and inform her design sense.  She lead our remodel of this 1970's building, turning it into a modern lodge, that booked out its entire first season. She brought style to our new found lodge in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula in semi-rural Alaska."

Land-owner, NM

"Christina is a gem! She really helped me on every level to create a dream-design home that I could truly visualize and have brought to life in the beautiful rendering she created. I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to design; She was excellent at taking each stage of brainstorming closer to what was within my own mind. Christina is a great listener; She understood everything that I was envisioning and brought it to life. This is a designer that understands its more than just design, that its life, an expression of creativity and beauty. Christina nailed the design quickly, tactfully, and most of all made it fun!"

Contractor, AK

"Christina is an even keeled and easy going person that is incredibly great to work with. In stressful situations, during this massive remodel, she was always of good mind set and totally solution oriented. As an owner, general contractor, and real estate developer the solution based, even mindset she brings to a leadership position is priceless, and makes the execution of any project pleasant. Some people are the glue holding projects together.  I strongly recommend Christina's services."

Homeowner, HI

"Christina helped save my home project at a critical juncture.  Her knowledge and expertise proved to be invaluable assets.  She was friendly, professional and prompt."

Homeowner, TX

C. Ransbury Designs prepared a professional presentation of 3 creative concepts for our lake house- showing good use of space.  Great communication, quick turnaround and easy to work with.  Christina has a natural talent for design- would definitely recommend!

Homeowner, HI

Christina did half a dozen or so projects for us here in Hawaii and it was easy going the whole way. She listens. She's easy to communicate with and comes up with good solutions.

Homeowner, CO

"Christina is amazing! She has wonderful taste and worked with us to figure out exactly what we wanted and what fits our lifestyle. She has transformed our house completely. I never thought our home could look like this. Btw, this will not let me give her a five-star rating, but thats okay because she deserves a 10 star rating!"

Homeowner, NY

Christina did some painting for me in the kitchen. I was looking for a subtle accent.  She was able to design a pattern, helped with selecting colors and did the painting.  It came out better than I could have imagined! I found her to be easy and warm to work with; she listens and is open to hearing what her client wants, but also offers her expertise and ideas. I appreciated her ability to assess my taste and provide ideas that went along with the decor. She is creative, fun, professional, and extremely hard working.  I have since remodeled our kitchen and the work Christina did is the only thing I miss!


Christina is super professional. She helped us out with 3D designs to build our dream house. She was good with details and understanding our needs. Will definitely recommend her.

Maui, HI

"I am very satisfied and impressed by the artistry and talent of Christina Ransbury from Ransbury Design. Ransbury design helped to renovate, design, and execute the re build of our Cliff House. With an eco plan in mind, I felt that Christina's knowledge and artistry helped create a building that was practical and beautiful. From obtaining permits, to design, to the final interior, I was beyond satisfied and thrilled. It is seldom that I find someone that is capable of having such an incredible eye for design, as well as the ability to be practical and "get the job done!" Thank you Ransbury Design."


Build Outside the Box Mastermind

"Christina has a special talent for making complex architectural concepts fun and easy to understand. She is passionate about natural and alternative methods, is thorough in her research, and produces beautiful, engaging content. She contributed to the success of our most recent course offering and we loved working with her!”


"Working with Christina was a joy! She is extremely talented and easy to communicate with. She helped me design a layout for a new apartment that was quite small. She quickly was able to take the dimensions and create designs that used the space efficiently, while being aesthetically pleasing. I was really impressed with her ability to visualize a space, adapt and provide valuable recommendations. Overall it was really fun and I feel confident going forward with my apartment. Can’t recommend enough!"

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