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Don't Do it Alone! Build Outside The Box With The Masterminds!

Advocating for the diversification of buildings, biomes, and businesses to establish sustainable legacies.

✔ How AI (and the masses) interpret the term 'Natural Building'

Exciting News: 'The Build Outside the Box' Mastermind is open for enrollment!

✔ Why the 'Who Not How' philosophy is critical for your property development

I am completely amazed by AI technology.

I'll be honest, as much as the ethical part of AI can seem daunting, I still find great amusement out of prompting images to life.

But there's a funny thing…

AI has a tendency to interpret the term 'Natural Building' as some dilapidated structure.

Whoa there! This is revealing.

If AI is simply scraping existing information, then our collective view of Natural Building seems to be misguided.

Find local professionals to help you with your project.

Build Outside The Box

Perhaps you enjoy the wabi-sabi flair of imperfections…

The point being, there are so many possibilities outside of what we are currently imagining.

We need to get busy re-envisioning what is possible with these ancient building systems. Utilizing technologies from local origins doesn't mean that they aren't solid, durable, or even integrated solutions.

Time to get specific - what does the future of earthen and plant-based Architecture look like?

Build Outside The Box

Instead of 'Natural Building', what other words, phrases, and messaging can we use to convey a similar idea?

Carbon Smart, Earthen, Plant-Based, Regenerative, Ecological, Native are just a few ideas of where to start!

Visualizing our futures is half the battle. Using AI to help refine your vision can be an informative and inspiring exploration!


Build Outside The Box

Build Outside the Box Mastermind

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the variety of different building styles and modalities.


Some of my very first architectural drawings as a child represented vernacular architecture and the incorporation of stone and traditional elements. In my rebellious years, I nearly dropped out of college  (phew, that didn't happen)  to go all in on Earthships   And later on, as my horizons broadened to Hawai'i, I fully immersed myself in the world of bamboo, a local and abundant resource in the region.  

What's fascinating about my journey with Natural Building is that the materials and modalities I found curiosity in reflected where I was.

For example, when I moved back to the mainland to Colorado, I found myself more drawn to earthen materials, such as CEB (stabilized adobe) and their resilience to fire.  When spending time in more temperate climates, light straw clay intrigued me. 

Build Outside The Box

I learned very quickly in my journey that there is not just one way to build, there are MANY.  espite some internal urges to drive home one solution and fix the problem with conventional building, it's just not possible.

There are so many factors at play. One of the biggest ones is our own UNIQUE philosophies of what a home is to us. Today there is more than one option of building sustainably, so you get to decide!

'How do I decide what alternative building system to choose for my home?'


Exposure! By learning a little bit about each modality, you can quickly determine what building system is right for you and your climate.

That is why I am so excited to introduce you to the 'Build Outside the Box Mastermind'!

This course brings together some of the greatest minds in alternative building and natural materials all in one place. You will get a taste of all the methods so you can discover which methods will bes

Its 11 Eco-Alternative Building Methods in One Place!

What's included with the course: 


✔ 20+ hours of video classes

✔ A downloadable follow-along workbook

✔ A self-assessment to help you identify your needs and values

✔ Actionable steps to move your project forward

✔ Lifetime access to course 

✔ Live classes with Q&A sessions

✔ Access to the private Build Outside the Box community 

This course is designed to help you feel confident knowing what building type is best for you.  So, come learn from the experts!


From NOW until November 27th, the Build Outside the Box Mastermind course is open for enrollment!

P.S.  Grab your discount of 20% off with Coupon Code


Build Outside the Box


  • Cob

  • Adobe Brick

  • Low-Density Adobe Brick

  • Earthbag

  • Rammed Earth

  • Structural Rammed Earth

  • Tire Walls

  • Aircrete

  • Hempcrete

  • Strawbale

  • Light Straw Clay

  • Nature-Based Solutions

  • Climate, Building Envelope, Passive Solar Design Intro

  • Finding Land, Planning & PermittingRachel Goldlust

Build Outside The Box


I love attending conferences. Good ones leave you feeling inspired and connected to the people and the causes you care about.

About 2 years ago, I attended a Natural Building Conference, one of a few of its kind. While I was there, I was surprised to see how small the community was. I knew there were more people involved in Natural Building modalities, but WHERE were they?

So, I went on a search to find them…

I wanted all these brilliant minds in one place, so that when someone needed help on their project or property, they would have the 'Who Not How' to get their project in motion.

In such a DIY-centric industry, I think sometimes we forget that we really don't need to know everything about everything. In fact, I would argue it's not really in our best interest to do so!

'But isn't learning how to do something yourself empowering?'

Absolutely! I love a good DIY project and what's even more empowering is having a vision so big where you simply can't do it alone. Especially when it comes to developing a property, an integrated and multi-disciplinary team is VITAL to building a home that will last generations.

There are already so many experts and professionals out there currently doing what you dream of!

Your natural home, your regenerative property, and your healthy lifestyle are only a few clicks away with NatureAlly.

Build Outside The Box

The NatureAlly directory recognizes that there isn't just one solution, but many. The ethos has evolved to become more inclusive bringing in a wider variety of business types, accreditations, and experiences.

If there are 100 different ways to do the dishes, there are certainly many unique ways to build with environmental principles in mind.

What matters most to me, is the utilization of local resources. Not only are there more than enough raw materials in your local area to build with, but the help you need isn't as far away as you think.

My hope you will be able to find businesses in your local area and start a conversation about your next building project!

I have put my whole heart into this directory

It currently remains a free platform for both the public and the businesses.

If you or anyone you know has a business that would like to be added please contact us!

Also, if you see the value of this site and would like to contribute to the advancement of the platform, please visit the donation page!

Build Outside The Box

Build Outside The Box

Christina Ransbury

Christina Ransbury

We are on the precipice of a new era in architecture.

The choices we make greatly shape our future generations. Building sustainably isn't just about being eco-friendly, it's about building a better quality of life today for the generations to come. It sparks creativity and brings economic and social opportunities to the community at large.

I hope the next time you're faced with the decision to build resiliently or not; you choose to craft a legacy of sustainability that'll stand strong for ages to come.

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I love all things natural. I love building places we can call home and in turn be our most authentic selves. 

Although I specialize in architecture and interior design, I appreciate all forms of design where form and function are in balance.

My hope is to inspire others to find eco-friendly options valuable and beautiful. 

This is where eco meets elegance... 




Get the tools and wisdom you need for your next home design project! 






Designing a sustainable home is no easy feat. It takes a whole team to get the job done right. Whether you have a project your working on now, or are thinking of developing a holistic property in the future, we've got you covered!

  Lets start the conversation!

Until next time, 

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